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Gigatent Mt. Kinsman Review:What makes it different from other Cabin Tents?

The Gigatent Mt. Kinsman three-way tent comes close to providing all the comforts of home for a family or large group while out camping.

In addition to the three rooms, the cabin tent includes a screen room which can be attached to it and the rainfly. The center room’s walls are nearly vertical which adds to the interior space in that room and allows even tall campers to move about freely.

The other two rooms can be used for sleeping or as additional screened in enclosures. Room dividers within the tent provide additional privacy. The center room contains a track door while the secondary ones each contain inverted T-shaped portals so the tent can be entered by multiple means.

The eight windows around the family tent and the mesh room provide enhanced ventilation as well as a great view. The floor material is polyethylene and the tent material is made of polyester taffeta. The rainfly consists of polyester.

Gigatent Mt. Kinsman Review: Features and Specifications

*Capacity: 8
*Dimensions: 17 feet by 12 feet
*Weight: 40 lbs
*Interior height: 84 inches
*Windows: 8
*Pole material: fiberglass and steel combination
*Number of poles: 19
*Packages size: 36 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches

Gigatent Mt. Kinsman Review: What do they say? (*reviews consolidated from and

The Gigatent Mt. Kinsman has received mostly favorable reviews from those that have used it. The sleeping space and attachable screen room are extremely popular.

One reviewer wrote eight people using sleeping bags could easily be comfortable in the structure or four people using air mattresses. More than one taller camper said they were able to enter the tent and walk around without bending down.

Another user wrote they really appreciated the attachable screen room, especially when it came time for dining or simply sitting around and relaxing. Chairs can be placed in the screened in area and it also provides shade on sunny days. The windows and mesh roof also keep occupants cool on warm days.

One reviewer was not pleased with the screen room, saying it did not completely attach to the tent on the sides and allowed bugs to get inside. However, more reviewers said the screen area worked well and was not to be underestimated. While the same reviewer also commented the material may not be the best, others commented the tent stood up to fairly high winds.

Most reported that the Mt. Kinsman took about 30 minutes to set up, which may seem to be longer than most other tents, but they also all agreed the time was well worth it once the job was finished.

Based on available reviews and product specifications the Gigatent Mt. Kinsman seems to be a good tent for large or small groups of people. It provides comfortable sleeping arrangements as well as a screened in area that makes dining and the overall experience better by keeping out bugs.

Setup does not seem to be overly difficult, especially considering it has three rooms, and those that have used it say it holds up well against the elements. See related articles on gigatent mt. kinsman review.


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