Eureka Copper Canyon 12-Person Tent

Comfortable Tent for Large Groups, Families

eureka copper canyon 1512 reviews- Comfortable for Large Groups, Families

Covering 180 square feet, the Eureka Copper Canyon cabin tent is big enough for up to 12 people to sleep in with cots. An adjustable room divider allows users to leave the tent as one large room or divided into two separate rooms.

Six large windows and mesh roof are designed to provide ventilation, though the windows have water proofed storm backs that can be closed in case of rain and a multi-coated polyester fly covers the roof.

The walls of the tent are nearly vertical which allows for as much interior space as possible.

The Copper Canyon family tent is 15 feet by 12 feet, but the interior space is the equivalent of an 18 foot by 10 foot structure. There are two large D doors that provide access into each room of the tent for maximum privacy.

Additional protection from the weather is addressed by the bathtub-style which keeps seams taut and off the ground.

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Eureka Copper Canyon Specifications and Features

Eureka Copper Canyon 1512 Reviews

*Sleeps 12
*Hybrid fiberglass and steel frame for sturdiness
*Detachable awning that shades the front
*Vertical walls provide same space as an 18X10 tent
*Minimum weight: 41 lbs. 8 oz.
*Center height: 7 feet 4 inches
*Six windows
*Gear loft
*Eight storage pockets
*Clear-panel skylights for stargazing
*Freestanding design for easy setup
*Poles attach to tent body via pin and ring system
*Mesh windows and roof allow ventilation but keep bugs out
*Side port for electrical hookup

User Reviews of the Eureka Copper Canyon Cabin Tent

The Columbia Copper Canyon has received mostly favorable reviews, especially for its ventilation system, size and resistance to rain.

One camper wrote he set it up in the backyard during a light rainstorm and after wiping it out the tent remained “bone dry.” He reported water simply beaded up on the sides of the tent and its rainfly, then simply slid down.

A couple other reviewers also said they encountered rain while using the tent with both saying it stayed dry.
The size is another popular feature. Many users wrote they were comfortable inside even when using cots or large air mattresses.

Others reported enjoying the privacy afforded by having a door for each room if the tent is divided. Campers on one side can get in or out without disturbing those in the other room.

Negative comments concerning the tent mostly centered on the poor quality of the floor and of the pegs. More than one reviewer suggested not even trying to use the stakes that come with it and instead buying new ones of higher quality.

As for the floor, a couple of campers said it would be a good idea to use a mat inside to prolong the life of the tent. One user said the floor became ripped after only two uses.

Based on the research, the Eureka Copper Canyon gets a neutral rating, based on a number of both positive and negative reviews.  It is a sizeable tent for a large group or family. Despite some minor problems, it sleeps a large number of people comfortably and will keep them cool and dry. Read related articles on eureka copper canyon reviews.

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