Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

The Coleman Instant Cabin Tent promises an easy to set up family tent that still provides enough room for up to eight people. The pole system, which comes pre-attached, is the secret to being able to put the shelter up within a minute. The tent is unfolded, spread out and the poles are extended, clicked together and locked in place.

The ease with which the two-room cabin tent is erected does not mean it is not able to withstand the elements. The fabric on the outside of the tent is twice as thick as Coleman’s standard tent material. The WeatherTec features are designed to keep campers and gear dry even during a downpour.

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent Features and Specifications

  • Center height: 6 feet, 5 inches
  • Base: 14 feet by 10 feet
  • Two doors
  • Two-room cabin design sleeps up to 8
  • Poles are pre-attached to tent for easy setup within 1 minute
  • Vertical walls make movement within the tent more comfortable
  • Seven windows around the tent provide ventilation and a 360-degree view
  • Shipping and product weight: 43.8 pounds
  • One-year limited warranty

Coleman Instant Cabin Tent: Users Speak

Several user reviews were found and some gave the Coleman Instant Tent positive reviews. Mostly, those that have used the tent liked the ease and speed with which it could be set up, even by one person. The longest setup time was about five minutes, by someone who was using the tent fresh out of the box.

One camper pointed out since the poles are attached to the tent, there is no risk of losing anything. Everyone agreed the room provides plenty of space, the room divider adds privacy and there is plenty of room to move around, even for tall people. The 360-degree view provided by the seven windows is also a popular feature.

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Coleman Instant Tent: Ventilation a Problem?

But on the negative side, a lack of ventilation led to the tent getting too hot for some, while others commented it also led to a buildup of condensation in the tent. Some reviews indicated the zippers on the doors do not stand up to “rough” use often associated with children. One user reported a set-up disaster in high wind conditions– the fast set up went off well but the tent soon became a flying ‘sail’ and landed in the adjacent lake.  It is important to remember to secure the bottom of the tent immediately in inclement weather conditions. Yes, it does set up quickly — maybe too quickly, if there are windy conditions.

There also seems to be concerns with the quality of the material in the tent floor and inner walls.

Perhaps the biggest problem found with the Instant Tent was that its poles were difficult, even impossible, to retract when it was being disassembled. If not done properly, the rigging system can even be ruined.

There were also several complaints the storage bag was not big enough and packing the tent away could be difficult.

Based on the research, the Coleman Instant Tent has many positive features but we do not give a high recommendation, due to the many user problems. The Coleman Weathermaster cabin tents are recommended instead.

For about $50 more, the Weathermaster provides better ventilation, a hinged door, space for two more people and better durability. It has many of the positive features of the Instant Tent, such as the WeatherTec system and a tall ceiling. For these reasons, the Weathermaster series is more recommended than the Coleman Instant Tent.

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Setting Up the Coleman Instant Cabin Tent 8-person

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