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Best Cabin Tents Reviews - One camper wrote he set it up in the backyard during a light rainstorm and after wiping it out the tent remained “bone dry.” He reported water simply beaded up on the sides of the tent and its rainfly, then simply slid down.

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The attached screen room allows meals to be eaten without worry of insects. One user wrote they used a queen sized air mattress and a twin in the sleeping quarters, with room left over to walk around and for luggage. While the screen room has no floor, some noted a tarp and some inexpensive carpeting could be used to convert it into another sleeping area if necessary.


Best Cabin Tents Reviews - The Mt. Barren tent has two large rooms that can be converted into four by using internal dividers. Whether using two rooms or four, the Mt. Barren provides enough room for up to 10 people to sleep.


Best Cabin Tents Reviews - One reviewer wrote eight people using sleeping bags could easily be comfortable in the structure or four people using air mattresses. More than one taller camper said they were able to enter the tent and walk around without bending down.